We have organized questions asked by our guest and formulated answers. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information!.

Q: If a hurricane passes through and we cannot make it due to flight cancellation can we get a refund back within that 48 hours?

A: Yes.

Q: If I booked 24 hours in advance and need to cancel day of or before does the 48 hour cancellation policy apply to me?

A: Only due to hurricanes or big storms, under any other circumstances, no.

Q: When I book tours with add on tours and/or encounters how do I coordinate times?

A: When booking online we recommend booking them all in the same time slot, we understand all your activities wont be done in an hour but so it does not confuse the tour guides the tours will be done first and then the encounters will be done right after.

Q: Whats the difference between encounters and photo sessions?

A: The main difference between both activities is time. The encounters are a 5 minute play session that lets you have enough time to get pictures and videos as well as playing with this animals and the photo session is a 2 minute session where its more for the purpose of getting a quick few photos with the animal.

Q: When will you be having more cubs?

A: We do not know when we will be having cubs, most of these are not planned and accidental births. Keep up with our Instagram page to be up to date with whatever new cubs we might have!

Q: When do feline cubs stop doing encounters?

A: We do not have estimated dates as to when our feline cubs will stop doing encounters and photo sessions, its more so to do with weight. Once they have reached 40 lbs they will stop doing encounters all together.

Q: What animals are in cooperated in the General Wildlife Experience?

A: We have different animals that vary from primates (monkeys&apes), birds of prey (owls), small mammals and small reptiles. Animals are alternated every tours, no tour incooperates the same animals.

Q: I can’t book on the website for today, why is that?

A: Our website only lets you book 24 hours in advanced therefore you must give the booking office a call at 305-969-3696 in order to book day of. All other reservations can be made online if theyre within 24 hours in advanced.

Q: Do you accept walk ins?

A: We are by reservation only, if you happen to be a walk in we can attend to you if there is space available if there isn’t you will be having to wait till a tour becomes available. We always encourage having a reservation if you wish to be attended at a certain time!

Q: The GPS is taking me through a dirt road to get to your facility, is that correct?

A: Yes that is correct, now if your car cannot take going through deep pot holes or uneven grounds you may use the directions we have placed on the website for your convenience under the plan your visit tab where it says hours and directions.

Q: When will you be having promotions?

A: We do not have a specific time or date as to when we will be having promotions, I would check back on the website frequently to be kept up to date on the latest discounts we have!

Q: Do you have Florida resident discounts? Military discounts? Senior discounts?

A: We provide a 15% off discount for the following:
– Returning customers
– US Military & Veterans
– Florida college students
– Miami Dade Country Police & Fire department
– Seniors (65+)
– Disabled

In order to receive this discount you have to book over the phone with us since we do not provide a promo for those.

Q: Do you do group rates? If so, how big does the group have to be to qualify for a group discount?

A: We do have group rates for groups of 20 or more people. It is a 15% off discount applied to the group!

Q: Is there a promo code I can use to receive a discount?

A: We do not offer promotional codes, any and all discounts we have running at the moment will automatically be discounted upon check out if it applies for the dates we are running it through.

Q: What animals will I be encountering in the tours?

A: We cannot give a specific list of animals that will be taken out during tours since they constantly alternates between different animals.

Q: Do you provide discounts for birthdays?

A: We do not unfortunately but keep checking the website for promotions!

Q: Are your tours private?

A: We only offer one tour that is private which is the Special Wildlife Experience, if youd like to block off a time slot for you and your guests

Q: How can I volunteer for your place?

A: You may send in your resume over to and our volunteer coordinator will be reviewing the resumes. If chosen they will give you a call to set up and interview and take it from there.

Q: Do you do field trips?

A: Yes! We do field trips for schools and summer camps. For pricing on that we do recommend calling 305-969-3696 to set up that field trip visit.

Q: Do we have to purchase a tour in order to visit your facility or can we only purchase am encounter?

A: Whatever activity you purchase is your entrance into the facility.

Q: What is your general admission price?

A: We do not offer a general admission price, we offer various tour packages which you may choose from and find located on our book your tour tab.

Q: Who do we contact when it comes to wanting to rent space, do an event at your property or rent an animal?

A: All your event or rental needs can be met by contacting our event coordinator to her email at . All quotes can be provided upon request to that email provided.

Q: I don’t see children prices for certain encounters and photo sessions I’d like to add for my child, is this correct?

A: Some encounters and photo sessions that we have to offer are not available for children under the age of 10 due to safety purposes for the guests, tour guide and animal themselves.

Q: Do I have to purchase both a photo session and encounter in order to get photos?

A: No, you may take photos and videos during your encounter and photo sessions.

Q: During the photo session are they taken professionally by a photographer?

A: The photo session does not include a photographer taking your photos, it is primarily a 2 minute session where you can take photos and videos with your camera or phone! You may also ask the tour guides to take photos for you at your convenience.

Q: Am I allowed to purchase additional time with the encounter I recently did?

A: Unfortunately, 5 minutes is the most we allow guests to have with our animals to not stress them out, but you may purchase additional encounters with any of our other available animals!

Q: Do we have to purchase a flash drive in order to take photos during the photo session? What is the flash drive?

A: You do not need to purchase a flash drive. A flashdrive is photos taken on a professional camera during your animal interactions in a tour or encounter/photo session and put into a flash drive for you.

Q: Are you open on holidays?

A: We are open 365 days a year.

Q: What encounters are you offering at the moment?

A: We have varied encounters, theyre not always the same so if youd like more updated information on that you may check under the book your tour tab so get a better clarified answer.

Q: What is your rain policy?

A: We do tours rain or shine, now the only thing that stops us from doing tours

Q: Are we allowed to roam the property on our own?

A: We do not let guests roam on the property on their own due to the enclosures being so close we do not want to risk guests getting hurt by these animals and the owners do live on the property. So we offer different kinds of tour packages you may purchase from to be able to see our facility.

Q: May we purchase a tour package for someone else even if I will not be arriving with them?

A: Yes you may, we only require you to email us a photo copy of your ID and the card (with your name present on it) used to purchase the reservation under as well as a written statement authorizing those guests to go on the tour you purchased for them.

Q: I left my ID and/or card that I used to purchase the reservation under at home, what can I do?

A: If you have your ID and not the matching credit card you used to purchase the reservation we will have to refund the card you used and put the total onto a new card under your name. If you forgot your ID and have the matching credit card we will need a photo copy of your ID being sent us via email if you have one on your phone or your guest will have to purchase the reservation, while we require both their ID and card matching as well. If you did not bring either we will have to refund it and put it under your guest’s card in order to be permitted on the tour. The only way around it would be up to management what they’d like to do.

Q: I’m purchasing the tour for my daughter and her friend may they go in by themselves?

A: Depending. We permit guests to be able to buy tickets for their children as long as they’re 16 years and older they may do so and with a filled out written consent from the parents with a waiver that is emailed to them. They must present that waiver to our booking agents in charge that day, as well as an email with a copy of the parent’s ID and card.

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