Here is what everybody has to say about the ZWF MIAMI!

The Zoological Wildlife Foundation has been rated the #1 Best Attraction in Miami by Trip Advisor!

#9 Best Zoo in the World

#4 Best Zoo in the USA

LeJuan James


“Best Experience of My Life!!!”

ZWF is heaven! All of my life I have wanted to meet and hold a baby chimpanzee. I was finally able to make my lifetime dream come true! Emily was the best guide ever! She knew all about each and every animal and had great answers to each question we asked her.

We did the chimp, tiger, white lion, jaguar, sloth, and primate encounters in addition to the general wildlife experience. We saw goats, camels, baby gators, baby armadillo, hedgehog, an owl, monkeys, tigers, and more.

The place was superbly maintained, was like a little jungle area to me and the animals all were magnificently taken care of. I literally can not say enough good about this place!!

It was a once in a lifetime experience we drove over 13 hours for and it was worth every mile we drove and every penny we spent! I hope I am lucky enough to be able to visit again sometime!

Thank you Mr. Mario and Mrs. Maria for all the good that you do with these animals!

Visited June 2018

“Greatest Experience Ever”

WOW! This is just breath taking. It was the best experience with my youngest daughter who I only see on weekends.

By far this has enhanced our relationship. The place is just out of this world. Gives you the chance to interact with wildlife animals up close and lets you feel very humble about the beauty of the wild period.

My daughter already wants me to not only schedule another visit but to adopt an animal.

I might just do it. I love it!!!!

Visited June 2018

“Memorable Experience for the Whole Family!!!”

Visited here again in early February and this time booked it as a surprise for my mother’s 70th birthday.

We were a group of 18 and they made sure to make it memorable for everyone. Jacob our guide was wonderful! He made sure we had quality time on all of the extra encounters we booked.

We came in contact with so many different animals and I’m glad we have tons of pictures to remember them by. It’s great to see that places like this exist to save animals who otherwise would just be another sad, statistic.

Visited May 2018

“Wow, Wow, and Wow!”

My wife and I booked the Special Wildlife Tour. We loved our time at the facility. The staff was friendly, informative, and fun.

The animals were very healthy and playful. We definitely recommend this place, especially taking the private tour. Our pictures turned out great. There were so many animals that we encountered that it’s difficult to name them all. Btw, our guide was awesome!

We cannot wait to come back.

Visited April 2018

“The phenomenal reviews are spot on”

My friend and I visited the zoo today and we had an awesome time. For a small zoo, there is a wide selection of large cats and monkeys.

As part of the general experience, we got to hold and pet an otter and a baby monkey. I also bought a 10 minute interaction with the baby jaguar and it was amazing. The staff were friendly and the overall experience was terrific.

I will come back the next time I am in Miami to have an encounter with another baby animal. It’s expensive but it’s totally worth spending the money.

Visited March 2018

“Amazing experience and very professional staff”

This place is truly exceptional as they make your trip very personal as you see and interact with the animals as opposed to just watching the animals in the normal zoo.we went there as a family and had a great time and experience, learned also from their lovely and professional tour guides.

The experience is worth every penny spent on it as it will truly be a memorable experience.

Visited February 2018

“Fun Wildlife Encounter”

Really enjoyed this trip to experience some wildlife up-close during our visit to Miami. Besides the general encounter, we also purchased the individual encounters with the jaguar and the sloths. Both were very fun, and provided us with ample opportunities to take pictures.

Our guide was very personable. You could tell she enjoyed her job. I liked that, during the general encounter, everyone had an opportunity to feed the various animals without feeling rushed.

My one recommendation would be that if you purchase any individual encounters . . . such as a jaguar or a sloth . . . that you knock them out before the general encounter. That one-on-one time before hand really sets the tone for an enjoyable visit as you go through the rest of the attraction with everyone else.

We’ll definitely return the next time we’re in town.

Visited Ferbuary 2018

“Very Informative and Interactive”

Our guide, Karina, could tell us about each of the animals we visited in great detail, and could answer any questions about their names, their country of origin, their individual personalities, etc.

We each got to feed the giant anteaters, giant porcupines, gibbons, several kinds of monkeys, lemurs, and a camel. There were also lions, tigers, cougars, a black jaguar, a ligress, otters, flamingos, turkeys, and bearcats.

At the end, Karina let those of us who wanted, hold a capuchin monkey, a very small alligator, an armadillo, and a Burmese python. We could pet the speckled owl and the red tegue. Though it seemed a little expensive when we signed up, we thought it was well worthwhile.

Visited January 2018


Greatest zoo experience ever!

Good conditions for the animals and very nice people. We actually got a drop-in! A bit expensive, but so worth it when you realize that all the money goes strictly to the animals and their wellbeing.

Thank you for an extraordinary hour 🙂

Visited December 2017

“Worth Every Penny”

First, shout out to Ashlynn. She was amazing. You can tell every member of the staff has a personal connection with the animals.

We had a 2:00 primate experience and there was a big group ahead of us, so they called and asked us if we could move our time up. Unfortunately we were driving from Orlando and couldn’t do earlier, so they put us on a general tour before our primate experience.

They certainly didn’t have to do that, but instead of having us just wait around, they went the extra mile to make sure we were satisfied. Ashlynn was an amazing guide and we got to experience all the animals up close. It was so much better than a traditional zoo where you just see them sleeping from a distance.

The primate experience was definitely the highlight though. Feeding and playing with all the different species was absolutely an incredible experience. Many thanks to the entire team for making our visit there so special, and going out of their way to do the right thing at every opportunity.

Visited November 2017

“Immerse yourself in this great ZOO”

I joined the Miami Zoo because I love it. I visit the animals that I have adopted, and cherish my visits.

Visited November 2017

“ZWF Scores Again!”

After two years I made an encore visit to the ZWF with daughter number 2 in tow. Being the premier cat fan in the family it was no surprise that she was over the moon after her play session with Sarabi the tiger cub.

A previous reviewer mentioned that two days after their tiger cub encounter it is still the topic of conversation for them. Well, after 2 years we are still talking about our previous encounter with two cubs in 2015. I am sure we will be talking about this one for a long time as well.

In addition to the tiger we also handled a couple of monkeys, a skunk (descented of course), an alligator, an armadillo, an owl and a turtle.
This is no ordinary big city zoo where all you do is look. The ZWF is all about hands on experiences including feeding some of the animals.

Overall we had a great experience as expected, which was enhanced by our tour guide Max, who was both fun and knowledgable. We hope to come back yet again

Visited October 2017

“Animal Lover Paradise!!!.”

I can’t say enough about the personalized Special Wildlife Experience. It’s a “must-do” for any animal lover. I picked Miami as a 50th birthday celebration destination because of ZWF and their preservation and conversation efforts for endangered animals. I did not know I would be entering such a tropical animal paradise. I was in heaven from the minute we entered the gate. I recommend this tour as you are provided a personal guide.

My guide, Gabriel was amazing and so passionate about the animals and ZWF. I was introduced to each animal in the sanctuary as Gabriel told their story, AND he let me feed them! He was so informative and funny, highlighting informative facts of each species. I never dreamed I would get as close as I did to all of the big cats, lemurs, primates, and others.

The “encounters” for the Special Wildlife Experience were more than I could have hoped for. The general wildlife animals, sloths, and primates were so adorable to be up close and personal with, but interacting with the tiger and lion cubs were a dream come true for me. I was over the moon with joy and can’t express how amazing it was to pet them and have them on my lap.

My guide, Gabriel clearly wanted me to get everything out of the 3 hour experience, as he was very in tune to what I was hoping for. It’s also nice to know I was able to help support ZWF’s mission and passion for helping endangered species. I will be back, this was an experience of a lifetime!!!!

Visited September 2017

“Putting our dollars to good use.”

This place was amazing. These animals were rescued from some pretty nasty environments. Our tour guide told us some pretty horrific stories about these animals and from where they came. It was hard to see the animals in cages but when I found out about their history, it was obvious they are in a much safer environment. They do try to release some of these back into the wild, but some simply can’t be.

The prices are high but knowing what they do with the money makes it well worth it. I encourage everyone to visit and support the cause.

A few things to note though. Get there early just as they advise you. We got there too early and waited for over an hour after completing the paperwork. They only schedule guides when they have appointments booked. It was frustrating when two other people in our group showed up 5 minutes before the tour and we had to wait another 15 min for them to complete their paperwork. It’s just rude to keep other people waiting who followed instructions.

Another thing to note is traveling there. We used Uber and asked the guy to wait for us. We didn’t know if we could get an Uber back when we were in the middle of nowhere. One of the employees at Zoological suggested calling for the Uber about 10 min before the tour ended. I looked on Uber and there were no cars anywhere, so we asked ours to wait just to be sure we had a ride. But she said people do it all the time and have no issues.

When you use GPS, it will take you down a terrible dirt road – full of potholes and just rough. There are no signs, so you won’t be sure you are going the right way. You are. The gate is down a little way on the right. Press the call button to get in.

Visited August 2017

“One of the very best zoos!”

Beautiful lay out with very good environments for the animals. It is a joy to visit with family of all ages – and especially fun to rent a large bike to get around.

Visited August 2017


I’m so happy that I went to the ZWF. Our tour guide Karina was awesome! she really gave a great tour about the animals and knew so much about them. I learned so much. The employees were super nice and made our experience even better.

My boyfriend and I did the General Tour, and we got to feed some pretty neat animals and then at the end interact with some, which were adorable. ‘

We also got to hangout with Capuchin Monkeys, and those two were a blast! Then we did the Tiger cub photo. That tiger was the most adorable thing in this world, and I was so happy to have done it. The employees really made the experience so great with him and we got to hold him and cuddle with him.

What a great way to spend our Sunday! So worth the money, and I will definitely be back!

Thank you so much ZWF for helping these animals!

Visited July 2017

“One of my fav Miami must do things”

I love this place. I’ve been 3 times in the last 3-4 yrs. this time wasn’t as good as last time. It was super hot and a lot of the animal exhibits had sooooo many flies and bugs around that we could barely pay attention.

We couldn’t spend much time looking at the animals because of swatting and fanning away flies. We did however get to play with 2 cute baby monkeys.

Visited July 2017

“I LOVED this place. It was amazing.”

I am definitely an animal lover and read that this place was a little but more intimate than a regular zoo so of course I had to check it out. I booked a reservation for my sister, nephew and I and we all had a great time.

Our guide was very knowledgeable about the animals and their backstories which I loved and found very informative. She was very kind and nice and even let my nephew feed one of the sloths a hibiscus flower (which he thought was the coolest thing). I thought the grounds were well kept and then animals looked happy and well taken care of.

The big cats looked at ease and not under any stress which to me, speaks volumes for this place. We were the only people on our tour so we got to spend a lot of time at the end with the different animals they had there.

It was an amazing experience to be able to be so up close and personal with animals I would have never been able to hold or pet otherwise.

Overall, I 100% recommend this place to anyone who loves animals and wants to know more about them from a place that actually cares about the animals and taking in animals that may not otherwise have a place to go.

Visited June 2017

“It is fun and pure joy!!!”

One spends a wonderful day “Africa-Like” trip. You will love it.You can rent bikes for one two or family size. Food and drinks everywhere. A train that goes around the entire park. And the animals displayed are incredible.

Visited June 2017

“I’m a local and I love it!”

I have been here several times. I adore the mission, the staff, and the animals. It’s a great place for locals and tourists. Book ahead!

Visited May 2017

“Highlight of our trip to Miami”

We had the time of our lives. Our guide was wonderful. We were the only ones on our tour. After the tour we got to hold an armadillo & little gator, pet an owl, hold monkeys, and the highlight have an interaction with a lion cub. Worth every cent. Difficult to find, allow enough time.

Visited May 2017

“Best wildlife experience of my life”

We were greeted by Emily and Breanna at the office and immediately knew this was a wonderful and caring place. It’s not a zoo, it’s a sanctuary….that’s what makes it unique. Our guide, Gabe, was extremely knowledgeable and eager to answer any of our questions. The highlight of the tour was when we interacted, hands-on, with an armadillo, two prairie dogs, an alligator, iguana, and turtle. But wait…out came a baby monkey to put an exclamation mark on the tour! Please visit! The good work these people do is worth every penny! As an addendum, we also played with a lion cub for an extra fee. A perfect response to the question, “How was your vacation?”

Visited April 2017

“So glad we discovered this”

We took our 11 and 13yr old boys here on 4/18 and absolutely loved it! Our boys are huge animal lovers and this did not disappoint. It is a bit pricey but was worth every penny for us. We did the general tour, it was the 4 of us along with another family of 4. Our guide was wonderful–she was very knowledgeable and clearly loved the animals. After about an hour tour of the enclosures we were able to interact with several smaller animals including a baby alligator, bearded dragon, owl, cockatoo and others. Our guide gave us lots of time to hold/pet the animals, ask questions and really enjoy being close to them. The highlight, however, was getting to interact with two baby capuchin monkeys. It was absolutely amazing–they were playful and curious, took our GoPro and my son’s phone and ran around with them, and jumped on and off our laps. Truly an amazing experience for us and a highlight of our vacation! Highly recommend visiting!

Visited April 2017

“Loved It! Don’t Miss It!”

If you love animals, you will love this hidden gem.
Be sure to make reservations in advance. It will make the best use of your time.
It is hard to find as it is in the fields and farming district of Miami. But it is well worth the drive and the time it takes to find it. At arrival the big gates seem daunting but they open to one excellent adventure!
We chose the General Tour which takes about an hour and a half.
Our guide Gabriel was excellent. He encouraged learning and he was knowledgeable and expert with the animals.
We had an awesome time and so will you

Visited March 2017

“Dream Come true”

I found out about ZWF Miami from a friend. From the age of 13 I have wanted to pet a lion. It has been #1 on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. When I saw that ZWF had a white lioness cub encounter I signed up right away. My mom and I went at the end of February, we drove from Boca Raton with absolutely no idea what to expect. We were so pleasantly surprised. Our guide Gabriel was WONDERFUL! It was obvious he loves his job which made the tour very enjoyable. In addition, meeting Lea became on of the highlights of my life. I never thought I would get the chance to pet, hold and play with a lion and ZWF made my dreams come true. I will definitely be back the next time I am in town. Total worth it!

Visited March 2017

“By far the best animal Experience”

Let me start off by saying – I will plan to go here every year if possible. Second – Gabriel our tour guide was AWESOME!!!!! – he was very knowledgeable, professional & enthusiastic.He made the experience worth every penny spent. Initially I had planned to go to the “mouse castle” up in Orlando, but this was by far more exciting. We got the general tour package (which includes handling of various small animals including an alligator) plus I purchased the liar experience, you might think it’s pricey – but compared with entry to mouse kingdom plus food, hotel & gas – this is much better!!! Animals are happy and well taken care of – it’s an up close walking experience. Not riding in a truck couple feet away. last about an hour for general tour.. Thanks ZWF!!!! keep up the good work. See you next year or earlier.

Visited March 2017

“U need to go!”

Ok, people, you will never experience anything like this…..you actually can hold the animals up close and personal ….. there is not a place like this anywhere….the owner is an incredible animal lover, who personally lets you hold and see the baby animals up close….a true animal lover, who enjoys the public as much as his animals, and his dog, Igor, is as sweet as sugar!!

Visited February 2017

“Memories I’ll never forget”

This place is not your typical Zoo. Yes it’s pricey but I believe you pay for what you get. The animals are healthy and taken care of. I was dying to take my girlfriend here for a date. I payed 214 for a general encounter and five minutes with the Sloth. Definitely recommending this place to family and friends.

Visited February 2017

“Best Birthday Gift Ever!”

I heard about this foundation through a friend, so I decided to try it on my birthday. My brother and I did the Special Wildlife Encounter and it was absolutely amazing. Our tour guide, Andrea, was fantastic. I would totally recommend her. We got to touch/hold/feed 15+ different animals. If you are an animal lover, you definitely need to visit.

Visited January 2017

“Safari in Florida?”

Monkey’s and otters grabbed our fingers, we petted a lemur, held an armadillo, saw a tiger, lion and liger all in the general tour. The add on photo 1 on 1 experience was like the whipped cream and cherry on top! We all agree that it was a great value overall and will be on top of our travel memories! Thank you Mario and Emily for a really over the top experience!

Visited January 2017

“Amazing animal encounters”

Pricey but worth it tour of private zoo. We paid extra for a tiger cub session. The cub wasn’t cooperating so they gave us a few other choices. We went for the sloth and I am so glad we did. It was the dearest things ever to hold and snuggle with. While we were waiting the handler noticed my daughter was enchanted with the otters and brought one out for her to meet as well. In all we had the chance to interact one-on-one with 10-12 different animals. Truly amazing visit and well worth the price of admission plus the long drive from South Beach. I justified the price thinking this would be a once-in-a-lifetime type activity but now I can’t wait to go back again.

I suppose some might have been disappointed to pay for the cub encounter but not be able to play with it but I appreciated that they respected the animal and didn’t push it to interact with humans when it didn’t want to..

Visited January 2017

“Third trip and they keep getting better”

This time we opted for the feline experience. Very expensive but worth the price. Got to play with a jaguar cub, leopard cub, and tiger cub each for 10-15 minutes as they were not busy the day we visited. Experience also is a 30 minute tour of the grown cats. They have continued to expand their operations over the years and certainly worth the hassle of the drive out to visit regardless of the tour or experience you select. You won’t be disappointed.

Visited December 2016

“Must go.”

This place is amazing. The place, the animals, and the staff are wonderful. We had a great time a few month ago, and we had to come back. You can interact with so many animals it’s awesome. You have to come an see for your self..

Visited December 2016

“Regal Cubs”

What an amazing trip! Clean, safe, exiting! Our guide, Janesse, was fun and knowledgeable. A must-visit.

Visited December 2016

“Epic Animal experience for all ages!!!”

What a great experience. We love animals, and this had been something we had been wanting to do for some time… The staff is friendly and informative. They talked about all the animals we saw and encountered. Meeting Jefferson, the Lemur, at the end of the tour was the icing on the cake!

Visited November 2016

“Best Cat Experience Ever!”

I would give this a five plus. Best cat experience we have ever done. We did the feline experience which allowed us interaction with three different feline cubs/ kittens for 15 minutes each. What a cool experience.

We did a Igor cub first, so adorable and playful. The second was a serval cat. Different but still playful More house cat like. The last was Amur leopard which older and a little bigger. Interacted outside on a leash but still way cool.

Alexis was our guide and she was wonderful. Could definitely see her care for the animals. If you can ask for Alexis. She makes the tour special.
Also included is to see the big cats, most just laying around in the sun, but still good to see.

We also paid $80 for the photo drive. Sounds expensive but you will not regret it with all the photos of you and the cats interacting. We had over a hundred photos from our tour and you do not need to worry about taking photos while playing with the cats!

Visited November 2016

“Great Times!”

I did this because my wife wanted to do this. However, I had a great time. We did the basic tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable and we were able to see many types of animals that we hadn’t seen before. My wife’s Favorite part was the animal interaction at the end where she got to hold to gibbons and pet an owl.

Visited October 2016

“Amazing Experience!”

Such a great experience! We did the tour and tiger cub encounter and loved everything about our visit. The tour guide was knowledgeable and helpful. There’s so many animals I’ve never seen before and I love that we could interact with monkeys, snakes, baby alligator, etc. I have to say that the tiger cub encounter was my favorite part, baby Harley was an angel. I would definitely recommend coming here!

Visited October 2016

“Absolutely fabulous – what a privilege!”

We visited ZWF last year and had such an amazing experience we HAD to come back again. We paid for the feline encounter ($300 each for 1 hour) and had the chance to meet and stroke 2 different baby leopards and a lion cub today.

It was amazing!

We let the animals do what they wanted rather than expecting them to pose for our camera and we loved seeing the lion cub get to meet the baby otters – I’m not sure which of them was the most scared of each other! We didn’t expect to pick them up or hold them, we respected that these are wild animals and we were hugely privileged to get up close and personal to these amazing creatures.

Our guide was very knowledgeable and told us a lot about the histories of the animals we saw, she also helped take photos of us with the cats. We spent the first 20 minutes touring the big cat cages and visiting some of the fully-grown animals we met as babies last year.

We then had 40 minutes with our choice of 3 cats and were lucky enough to be on the tour on our own so got the whole experience to ourselves. The cages aren’t huge, but the animals are in excellent condition, well cared-for and part of a breeding and rescue programme so are likely to move to other places in the future.

This is a serious animal sanctuary that rescues animals from captivity or being bred for hunting.

We were horrified to be told that there are more tigers kept as pets in Texas than there are left in the wild!!

So if you’re expecting to pick up and cuddle these big cats then you’ll be disappointed – these animals are not toys and can cause serious injury (they don’t because they’re always on a lead, the guide keeps them occupied and you’re told what to do/not to do) so if you want photos of your children holding an animal then go to a petting zoo!

If you’re interested in wildlife conservation, donating to a serious wildlife rescue foundation and spending 30-40 minutes with some of nature’s most fabulous wild cats, then this is the place for you.

No it’s not cheap but it’s donating to a worthy cause and if we can help even a tiny bit towards stopping these animals being hunted to extinction then it’s worth every penny.

Bear in mind it takes 2 hours to drive here from downtown Miami and read the website properly before you come as you get what you pay for.

We absolutely loved our visit and it was the highlight of our holiday – where else could you have a baby leopard lie against your shoulder and lick your ear???


Visited September 2016

“Well worth it!”

Visiting the Zoological Wildlife Foundation is a once-in-a-life-time experience. We booked the “Special Wildlife Experience”, which is a combination of the General Wildlife experience, Primate Experience, Feline Experience, Owl Experience and Sloth Encounter. It is definitely far from inexpensive, however worth every penny as you have a chance to interact with a variety of creatures.

Most of the animals at the ZWF are rescued, and the keepers visibly take very good care of them; their priorities being to keeping both the animals and visitors safe and happy. They wouldn’t allow you to do anything that could harm you or the animals and explain how you are supposed to interact with them. It is difficult to take good photos there, but our guide tried her best and took some good shots of us.

We fed and played with monkeys (the ‘capuchins’ were just crazy, one of them even managed to steal a lighter from of my pocket) and we also had a chance to enter the cage and make friends with one of the sloths (they are not as slow as I imagined), and then played with a lion cub, a jaguar cub and an Amur leopard, called Masha. We were also toured around all the various enclosures of rescued animals.

I would highly recommend this tour to every animal lover! GO!

Visited August 2016

“Play with the cubs! Interactive dream”

This was such a fun day trip! I went with a friend of mine from NY for the day. The care and attention they give to the animals is heartwarming. You can hold, play, and interact with a lot of the animals there and it goes to such a good cause! It was a blast! Loved the staff as well. We spent some time with the baby lynx and she was adorable! GO!Visited July 2016

“Unlike any zoo we have visited before”

We have been at quite a number of zoos, but this is the smallest one, yet they have quite a number of different and interesting animals. It started with the General Wildlife Experience with a guided tour of many animals, this part was not that different from other zoos, except from having a guide. The best part was in the end, when we were able to interact with, hold and take pictures with some animals, including baby alligators, turtles, a monkey.

After this was finished we had booked the Tiger Encounter as the final event – that was a really nice experience that our kids/teens enjoyed a lot, we got good advice on how to interact with the tiger cub.

We had a little problem locating the zoo itself, so good to be a bit early!Visited July 2016


The zoological wildlife foundation is the best zoo hands down in the U.S. the whole staff did a great job to make sure my proposal went according to plan. Our tour guide was amazing. The animals were sooooo cute and the primate encounter was definitely worth every penny along with the leopard exhibit. My fiance and I can’t thank you enough for all of your efforts and we will definitely be back to play with those little rascals in the near future.Visited July 2016


We took the full 3 hour tour. Definitely a once in a lifetime type of experience. We were able to hand feed monkeys, camels and various other animals.

But the highlight was the “baby” room. We played with a baby grizzly bear, two Amur leopards and a monkey at the same time. Holding a baby grizzly bear while having two leopards jump on you and a baby monkey flying around the room is incredible.

All are rescue animals. It was a great experience being in such close contact to these incredible animals.

Bucket list adventure for sure.

Visited June 2016

“Just Wow!”

You must do this! We almost decided against it due to distance from our hotel and cost. We ended up taking Uber from our hotel near the airport to ZWF for $30 each way. No problem getting a driver fast.

I just can’t describe how great this was. We purchased the 1 hour general tour and the 5 min photo session with tiger cub. There were about 8-10 in our group at 5 pm on a Friday.

I held a lemur, an armadillo, a monkey, a baby alligator, and touched several more. But the big deal was petting and holding (on floor) a 2 month old tiger cub. Wow!!! Where else can one touch a tiger cub??? Worth every penny. And I’m ever so grateful!!!

Just keep in mind that this is a very small zoo, and very controlled. They give good instructions on how to handle the animals so that they are kept safe and calm. Take your own camera and get good at holding the camera button down for several shots in a row. If you go into a photo session, take your pics, but don’t forget to just enjoy the animal!

Also there are good, clean (single toilet) restrooms, water vending machine. Go a bit early to fill out the 2 page legal disclaimer.

Visited June 2016

“Dream Come True”

Amazing experience! We did the feline encounter – I did research online before going to ensure these animals are well looked after & I am beyond happy with what I saw & heard. Amazing friendly people & beautiful animals that are well looked after!! Worth the visit 🙂

Visited June 2016

“What An Amazing Day!!”

We visited on Mother’s Day and it was fabulous. From the time we drove in the gate, the staff were so courteous. The sanctuary is immaculate, I was beyond impressed. The care of all the animals is top notch. You can tell staff is there for all the wildlife. Our guide, Jason, was so informative. I would highly recommend a visit and honestly, can’t wait to return. If it wasn’t so far, I would volunteer there!!

Visited May 2016

“Amazing Experience”

This place was great!! We got there for the last showing at 5:45pm and we were afraid that it would be crowded and the animals would be tied but we had an amazing time and we were the only ones at the park! It felt like a VIP experience for us!!! The staff is friendly and the park is organized and cleaned. You get a personal tour guide who is very knowledgable about all the animals and can answer any questions. This is a great experience for couples or families with older children 6+ years old. The encounter/photo shoot with your favorite animal is a must! Once in a lifetime experience.

Visited May 2016

“Bucket List Experience”

Simply Amazing!!!! I have been to zoo’s across the country and nothing has ever compared to this. We got to physically play with monkeys and a baby tiger; the tiger chased me around and I got to play tug of war with it. The monkeys were crazy and super fun. Their facility is top notch and our guide Andrea was awesome. Please ask for her, she puts on a show. We are already planning a trip back with family and friends and will look to do the special tour. At the very least purchase the additional tiger or monkey encounter; words cannot explain how awesome it is. Bucket List Worthy!.

Visited April 2016

“Can’t say enough good things about this place!”

What an amazing experience this was. Many refer to this as a private zoo and while it may be private, it is more like a sanctuary than a zoo. The staff here is so dedicated to their work and love the animals as if they were their own. Melissa assisted me in booking the tour and she was so nice, professional and helpful, it’s obvious she enjoys working there (this kind of treatment/service in Miami, is hard to find, so I do like to mention that). The grounds very well kept and the landscaping is gorgeous!

They have peacocks roaming freely throughout. You cannot walk the grounds without a tour guide, which I think is great a) for safety reasons and b) to keep that place as beautiful as it is. Our tour guide Janesse (I highly recommend her) was amazing!! It is a 1 hour walking tour, it is hot and yes, you need repellent. Janesse walked us through to all the animals and was very thorough in her explanation about each, she was very knowledgeable about all questions we had and allowed us time to take pictures and observe the animals.

All animals have names and when she called them they all came, so it’s obvious they know and like her as much as she likes them. You will not see the animals in this place at a regular zoo since these are purely exotic animals. They are so well taken care of it truly is impressive. They have different options if you want to take pictures with different animals so do look at their website for that information or call Melissa, she is great! You HAVE TO MAKE RESERVATIONS 24 hours in advance.

Don’t just show up there because you won’t be able to enter without a reservation. It’s a very good concept as it keeps the tours at a small number of people so that you can truly enjoy and appreciate the experience. No food or drinks are allowed or sold on the premises so prepare accordingly. The cost is well worth it and it’s great to see that the money is really used for the care of these animals and their habitat.

I highly recommend this place, don’t think about it, just do it!!!

Visited April 2016

“Every Animal Lovers Dream! Amazing hands-on interactions with lots of INCREDIBLE animals!”

Exotic animals with stellar oasis of natural habitats and plenty of hug and kiss interactions with all types of animals. This was by far THE BEST experience I have ever had one-on-one with so many wild animals (second would be swimming with whale sharks). I had the pleasure having close encounters with Zara the tiger cub, Layla the cougar cub, Sahara the baby hyena, Aladdin and Henry (the cool #humpday camels), monkeys, owls, baby gator and much more!

We went on a Thursday and were the last group of the day. Luckily we were the only group (we were 4) and had SO MUCH time with all of the animals!

We started our ZWF experience taking a tour of the zoo. Here is where the interaction starts. We first started by feeding some of the monkeys and then Aladdin and Henry the cool camels. I even was able to “kiss” feed Aladdin, which was awesome! At the end of our general tour, we ended at a pavilion where there were fur/feathered/reptile friends waiting to say hi. We held a baby gator and armadillo and hung out with Hank the owl (who was so friendly). Then Mike brought out two gibbons and Jefferson the lemur where we were able to hold, take pictures and hang out (this was a literal thing for Jefferson as he loved to hang on our arms and swing from one of us to the other). At this point, we were about an hour and half in and already having an unforgettable experience.

Once we were done at the pavilion, we headed to see Sahara the baby hyena. Sahara was fun and very social. We were not able to hold him per say (she was very fidgety) but we were able to hang out with him in an air-conditioned room where we were able to pet her and let her smell us. Sahara likes women more than men so get ready for him to be on top of you and give more attention to the ladies.

After hanging with Sahara, we ventured to see Zara the baby tiger. When we got to where Zara was, she was sleeping. Just like any child who wakes up, Zara was groggy but after about 10 minutes she was very playful. She loved to play with my hubby. My husband laid flat on the floor while Zara pounced and walked all over him. It was so cute!

We ended our wildlife encounter meeting Layla the cougar cub. We had some photo opportunities with Layla despite her being very active and wanting to explore (she really liked going in the water/river which was right next to the photo spot). She was a cute, curious girl who I loved meeting!

Rarely do you find a zoo that is miraculous work to promote animal conservation and wildlife protection and who treat their animals like family. You could tell the animals were happy and had an inexplicably and interestingly great relationship with the staff. Most of the tours guides and staff have been there for years and have seen some of these animals grow from the time they were cubs/babies – they know and communicate with the animals all by name which I think is remarkable! Our guide Mike was AWESOME! His quirky jokes, love for animals and knowledge about each and every animal was incredible!

Take my advice and…
* Do as many encounters as you can! Pay the extras and I promise your experience will be that much better!
* Go during the week. Your group will be smaller and it will allow you more time for interaction with the animals.
* Be the first tour/reservation of the day. Groups tend to be smaller.
* Check the weather and make sure it’s a good day to go since most encounters are outside
* Wear Mosquito repellent, hat and sunglasses. It may help if you are sensitive to the sun or mosquitoes

It’s not cheap but I promise you that it is a once in a lifetime experience and is definitely worth looking into if you are looking for a little animal adventure or if you and/or your little ones are animal lovers. I will be visiting again in the future to interact some more with more of the ZWF family.

Visited April 2016

“Happy Times for the Whole Family!”

The kids liked this better than Disney World. I hate to say it because it would be a shame if it grows large and crowded. Yes, it is expensive, but I think the price helps to keep large crowds away and allows them to provide a deeper encounter with the animals than you’d get otherwise. We paid for a photo session with a tiger cub but the kids’ favorite part was getting to hold some baby capuchin Monkeys. I’d like to go back again just to see the smile on my daughters’ faces. Our tour guide, Kyle, did a great job of channeling our kids excitement into more chances to hold animals. Whether you’ve got kids or not, this is definitely worth the time and money.

Visited March 2016

“This Zoo is a Must!”

Spending an afternoon at ZWF Miami was by far one of the most amazing things I have ever done! Never before have I seen a zoo that will allow you to get an up close and personal interaction with exotic animals like you can here. We did the general wildlife tour as well as the tiger encounter – I highly encourage both! The general tour gives you the opportunity to hold many different animals that you may otherwise never have the chance to see that close. The tiger encounter was my favorite though – nothing can compare to coming face-to-face with a tiger cub, or having her fall asleep in your lap! I would go back to this zoo in a heartbeat – and hopefully I will!

Visited March 2016

“Great experience thanks to fantastic staff!”

What an amazing experience. The grounds and animals are beautiful and well taken care of. The staff was fantastic specially our guide Melissa. She showed caring for the animals and guests, was very informative and made the experience lots of fun. Will return every time I’m in Miami.

Visited March 2016

“Don’t miss this one.”

Its great to see someone that whole heartedly helping animals that humans dis own and abuse. We thoroughly enjoyed the knowledge shared during our visit and hope they keep up the great work.

Visited February 2016

“Yesterday was amazing.”

Eric was our tour guide and we went to the 5p general admission tour + Lynx encounter. My boyfriend and I had such an amazing time. We were able to hold and interact w so many different animals. We are not Zoo lovers but this place seems to really care for them! I would recommend this to everyone! Very worth…

Visited February 2016


We had so much fun. It took us almost entire day to see everything we wanted and it was worth it! Amazing!

Visited February 2016

“The best day of my LIFE!”

The best day of my life. Playing with the baby monkeys, i’m in love. Cuddeling with an owl. Sleeping with the baby tygers. Hard to find the location but it’s worth. I hope to go this year for the second time!

Visited February 2016

“The most amazing time ever!!!!”

We had such an amazing time. Eric who was the tour guide was the most amazing funniest and kindest tour guide ever!!!!!! ….. We also did thr baby lion cub encounter…our daughters had such a blast… Will definitely be coming back!!!!

Visited February 2016

“Very Special Experience.”

Booked the Special (3 hour) tour for our family of 4, with Andrea hosting us for the visit. Having close contact with a range of unique and interesting animals was extraordinary in a number of ways, especially the animals that we see in images but have never had direct contact with. It was quite surreal, and words don’t do the experience justice. It was great, and one of the big highlights of our travel through the country. Andrea (our host) was really professional and always mindful of making the visit special for us. Her love for the animals showed through strongly, and added to the wonderful experience. Thank you Andrea, and thank you ZWF.

Visited January 2016

“Most memorable experience so far!”

Carolina was a great guide through the property. Getting to interact with the monkeys was fun, but Beyonce stole the show as we walked around the facility. A real treat was also getting to see the animals interact with the zookeepers as they fed them and cleaned up their cage. It really made the GWE that much more memorable. In the Tiger Cub session, Carolina worked her magic getting a lot of good shots as the tiger cub was too distracted by the lemurs to want to take a picture. I definitely recommend getting a play session with one, or all, of the felines

Visited January 2016

“Get Close and Personal with Animals.”

Took my mom here. We just did the basic tour (no add ons) and it was a lot more hands on then I expected. Even got to feed a few of the animals. Most of the animals are rescues also

Visited January 2016

“This was our family Christmas present.”

This was our family Christmas present… and it was amazing! We got to feed several animals, even hold a few! We splurged on the flash drive, and our tour guide was very attentive to help us get pics. We also did the tiger cub encounter, and our young cub was very playful. When the cub began to get distracted, our guide led him away to a different area so we could get some play time and great pics. They have a great thing going here, and we are so glad we came out! The pics enclosed are from my camera, I might come back and update with pics from the flash drive though.

Visited December 2015

“Best place ever.”

Kyle is the best guide! He made our day perfect!! This is the best place. Best day ever. Amazing animals so well cared for and loved. Can’t wait to go back!

Visited December 2015

“Fabulous experience for kids.”

Spectacular Educational experience for kids. Five stars!! our tour guide was Melissa. She was very helpful. Our kids got to hold a baby alligator!!

Visited December 2015

“The best time ever!”

We visited yesterday with the 4:00 P.M. tour and it was the best time ever. We came during the time in which the lions would roar so the whole area became alive. Our tour guide, Kyle, was great! The interactions with all the animals was fun. Also with the tigers since I booked the photo session with the tigers were absolutely adorable. They also provided umbrellas when it rained for us!

Visited November 2015

“Kids loved it!”

We frequently visit zoos, and the kids always wanted to interact with the animals. Here it’s possible! The staff is really attentive and the animals look well taken care of. Highly recommend it

Visited November 2015

“Awesome Experience. Exceeded our expectations.”

Found this place searching on TripAdvisor before we left for Miami. They do require 24 hours advanced booking, so make sure you don’t just drive there without making a reservation. We went and had Andrea as our guide. The general admission is about an hour give or take, and was very hands on. We had Jefferson tag along with us throughout the tour prior to meeting the snakes, owls, and alligators. After that we got to hangout and play with 4 little monkeys and a baby sea otter for about 5 minutes. We also happen to be there when the lions got fed which was pretty cool.

We added the tiger cub encounter which was awesome and worth the upgrade. This was about 10-15 minutes with two tiger cubs. My wife and I both had so much fun with them and took tons of picture. Andrea also help take lots of pictures and videos for us on our cell phones. The entire experience was very personalized and I felt like Andrea was a friend showing us around and not a typical tour guide.

Visited November 2015

“Best Zoo!”

This zoo is a gem. The facility is impeccable and the animals are well taken care of. Not to mention, the lovely staff. This was a once in a lifetime experience. My family of five (2 adults and 3 children) took part in the General Wildlife Encounter and the Feline Encounter (tiger cub, jaguar cub and cougar cub). During the GWE all the animals are within arm’s reach, even the exotic cats. We watched the zoo keeper play with the lions and even got to feed a camel. After taking a tour of the animals in the facility, we were taken to a tiki hut where we had the chance to pet or carry a number of animals (alligator, tortoise, 2 owls, and 3 monkeys). During our feline encounter, we were able to play, hold and pet a tiger cub, jaguar cub and cougar cub. The cubs were so sweet and happy. The staff was very friendly with the animals and guest. My family really enjoyed this experience. I highly recommend this zoo and look forward to our next visit.

Visited November 2015

“Hands down one of my favorite places in the world! MUST SEE!!!!!!!!”

I visited for the first time yesterday and was blown away with the animals, the grounds, and the AMAZING staff. I booked a ZWF one hour tour with a ten minute play session with the baby tigers. As an animal lover my afternoon was bucket list worthy and I can 100% say the tour is worth every penny!!!!! My guide was Caro and she went above and beyond to make sure each of us had ample time with the animals, and gave us information about the different animals along the tour. Thank you Caro!!!

Visited Oct 2015

“Happy Anniversary.”

My boyfriend and I went to celebrate our one year of dating at ZWF. It was amazing, the day was sunny, and we decided to do the first tour of the morning on Saturday. We had never done it before but you start by signing some papers and the tour starts with a tour guide takingh you and a group to see some animals. You see lions and tigers (no bears) oh my! You get to interact with camels and give them kisses and feed them! Then they explain each animal and you can ask all the questions you want! You go to the tiki hut and they bring you animals that are the most friendly that day and you really have a blast. I refused to touch the baby alligators! After the tiki you have your animal encounter. We had the 5 min photo session and it was enough time with the tiger cubs. We brought our own camera but others has their iphones. An amazing experience. Must save up to go another time. I recommend this place 100%!
Hope you enjoyy!!

Visited Oct 2015

“Great Experience.”

What a great place! It does start out kind of strange. You follow the GPS onto a bumpy dirt road and then you buzz a gate open and sign papers. Despite all of that, this place is so incredible! Our guide, Andrea, was wonderful! She knew so much about each animal and had a bond with them! We got to hold a baby Capuchin Monkey for a majority of the trip around the zoo. All of the animals are great and we were encouraged to feed them and take pictures! After our tour, we got to play with monkeys. Since we did the Tiger Encounter, we got to play with two tiger brothers. They were so lovable and adorable! Great guide and great experience! Thank you!

Visited Oct 2015

“Most wonderful experience.”

We can’t say enough positive things about monkeys tigers lions and camels amongst other amazing animals. Our tour guide, Andreas, was patient, informative, passionate and truly a joy. The experience of holding monkeys throughout the entire trip was unreal. This was even better than we had anticipated. A day later, we are still smiling and talking about the sheer joy of this tour.

Visited Oct 2015


I had a great experience at Zoological Wildlife Foundation. The place is beautiful and well kept, the animals are well cared after and are loved. I read a negative review about a monkey being dressed up and yelled at? They monkeys are wearing diapers because they are babies and since they are kept indoors and raised they need diapers… And being scolded? The only time I saw that was when the baby monkey would run off the table or leave the little pillow it came on, and that was for her own protection. Never did I see anyone be mean to any being. Along with my encounter tour I added a 10min play session with a baby Tigar ! Tank! He was adorable, it has always been a dream of mine to hold and experience these exotic beautiful beings. It was everything and more to me! Crystal a manager at Zoological was amazing with the cub. She cares after them and seeing the love and care these people have towards these animals was touching and amazing. If you are an animal lover like I am please don’t hesitate to visit here. I wish I would have heard of this great foundation sooner!!!

Visited Sept 2015

“You must go…MUST!!!”

This place is simply magical. The hands-on experience is what sets this place apart. I’ve done the general tour, tiger cub, and primate encounters. All were magnificent. The guides are very knowledgeable and caring toward the animals. I always look forward to this when I’m in Miami.

Visited Sept 2015

“Dream Come True…”

I have visited ZWF twice so far, in 2013 and 2015. Coming from Virginia and doing the 3 hour tour, each visit has cost me over $1000 including the flight, hotel and rental car. That being said I have never second-guessed spending my money to get these once in a lifetime experiences.

Visited Sept 2015

“Couldn’t have asked for a better time….”

Family group went for my boys birthday. It is a a great experience, especially at the end when you they allow you to carry a monkey, hang out with a tiger cub. It was priceless. Definitely worth a visit.

Visited August 2015

“An amazing hands on experience.”

Totally worth the money, especially the tiger experience we had after wards , I loved the cubs and playing with them all.

Visited August 2015

“Amazing Wildlife Sanctuary!”

Very clean and well kept, the animals are obviously well taken care of. The staff is very friendly and very knowledgeable about the animals. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and will definitely go back again!

Visited July 2015

“If you love animals… GO! Worth the price!!”

At first glance, the prices might throw you off, but if you’er like me and always wanted to be in the same room with baby tigers, let only hold them… It’s worth it!! Within the first half of the trip I felt like my money was well spent. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and we spent a good amount of time walking around the zoo. The animals are treated very well. I’ve been to zoos where it was obvious that they drugged the animals. Very sad to see but not here, all the animals were up and running with full energy. I’d definitely go back.Overall great experience! I hope the owner of the foundation would be able to keep the foundation up and running and to keep saving many animals as he had done so far.

Congratulations to you and your staff.

Visited June 2015

Certificate of Appreciation

“Certificate of Appreciation presented to ZWF Miami for contributing your time, energy & professionalism towards making our Career Day a true success!”

Mater Grove Academy
Miami, Florida

Visited May 2015

“Thank you so much for the unforgettable memories!”

We were delighted to have the opportunity to visit your beautiful animals. We all came from long distances to see family and believe it when we say, this was our favorite part of our trip to Miami. THANK YOU so much for the unforgettable memories and the once in a lifetime experience! We hope to come visit again soon if we are welcome! Here’s a picture with our favorite little leopard! Our friends in North Carolina and California are all very jealous!

Leslie, Debbie, Spencer, Punit

Visited April 2015

“Just to pass an excellent feedback to this great Zoological Wildlife company.”

Just to pass an excellent feedback to this great Zoological Wildlife company. We arrived today at 10:45 am and were immediately greatly by you office staff (Ally) the paperwork was very simple process and pretty soon we were on our way to meet beautiful animals. My entire family was really pleased with this experience. The final touch of the day was meeting Eva, what a lovely little bear, we had a blast and tons of beautiful pictures to keep of this great encounter. Our little 2 year old granddaughter Sofia does not stop calling for Eva.
5 stars to this company and a congratulation to Laz for providing so much information about your different wildlife. Good job Laz!


Manny & Family
Miami, Florida

Visited April 2015

“You truly made our vacation 🙂 ”

Dear ZWF,
Thanks for the amazing experience! It was great to efforts that go into providing your animals with happy, healthy lives. We still cannot believe that we got to interact with all those amazing animals!

To Ally:
Thank you so much for being our guide! You truly made our vacation 🙂 We loved interacting with the animals and watching the amazing connection you share with all of them. Your enthusiasm for your job and love of animals is so inspiring and we thoroughly enjoyed experiencing it. Keep up the great work!

Wishing you good luck,
The Kims (not Kings, haha)Visited in April 2015

“Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of these unfortunate animals.”

From SPCA – Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals

“Amazing and unforgettable experience.”

I went to ZWF last week with my husband and my 1 year old. We had an amazing experience. The place in general is beautiful and the staff is amazing. In order to go reservations are encourage since the zoo works only by private small tours.

My group consisted of 5 including my family, meaning it was very conservative and we had all the time any questions and take pictures with the animals. We also bought an encounter with a tiger cub named Mbali. Andrea was our tour guide, she was amazing she explained in details information regarding the animal in the facility. She also give u plenty of time to take plenty of pictures with the animals.she was very knowledgable and can tell she had hands in experience with many of the animals at the preserve. The end of the tour the guide will take you to a cover hut and allows more time for pictures.

Overall great experience! I hope the owner of the foundation would be able to keep the foundation up and running and to keep saving many animals as he had done so far.

Congratulations to you and your staff.

Visited February 2015

“Fantastic! Amazing experience!”

We made a visit today including a Tiger cub encounter. People there were really friendly, they explain every detail. We love animals, and we don’t have the chance to interact with them, so for us, was a lifetime experience.

You cannot miss this place. The tiger cub encounter is definitely the most outstanding experience that we ever had in a zoo-like place.

We’ll come again soon to try other encounters.

Worth every single penny.

Visited February 2015

“A +++ experience!!!! Not to be missed!

I went with my 10 year old twins last Wednesday, and this was the highlight of our Miami vacation! Ally was our tour guide, and she was fabulous! She knew exactly what interesting facts about the animals would interest 10 year old kids. She showed my children how to feed various animals. We had a great time holding baby monkeys, an owl, a baby alligator and an albino snake! The encounter with the serval (African leopard) was absolutely AMAZING! The kids will never forget this, and I got great pictures to prove it.

Everyone we met there was great. The owner took time out to talk to us when we passed him. The woman on the phone who took my reservation actually recommended that I not come on President’s Day when I had originally planned since they were so busy. She said we would have a more personal experience on another day, and I’m glad I took her advice.

We’ll certainly be back next time we are in Miami! For sure!!!

Visited February 2015

“Best experience of my life!!!”

I am a huge animal lover and I’ve being following ZWF on Instagram for a long time. I was always telling my family and friends how I wanted to visit and play with the Tigers, and their other animals.

Well my dream came true this Christmas when my boyfriend bought us tickets for the tiger cub encounter. I had the best experience, the tour of the facility was great and playing with Mbali (the liger) for 10 minutes made this day the best day of my life.

I love what Mario, Maria and their team do for this amazing place. Their passion and dedication for the wellbeing of this animals is just amazing. I will love to be part of a great team like theirs. I have told everybody that I know about my amazing experience. I took a lot of pictures that day and everybody said I looked very happy, and that’s how I felt.

I will be going back to play with Vladimir =] thank you again

Visited January 2015

“A slice of heaven for animal lovers!!”

This place is a hidden gem in Miami. I’ve never been anywhere else like it. Besides our phenomenal tour guide Ally, and how beautiful and well kept all the animals are… it was HANDS ON!! Up close with so many different animals… all wonderful in their own way. Definitely check it out. Worth every penny and then some.

The General Wildlife Encounter is enough for any animal lover (included hands on with Snakes,Gibbons, Owls, Crocs, Cappuchin Monkeys, Anteaters )…not to mention the tour through the facility where you are up close with the animals…and some you can even touch through the cage. What an experience!! Will be back soon.

Thank you ZWF Miami!!!

Visited January 2015

“A very special experience.”

We’ve been to zoos, but this is different. This is a private park (need an appointment) and you get a personal guide to show you around and give you a hands-on experience with a variety of animals. There is not the wide variety of animals at a public zoo. There is just you and your party, your guide and the animals the foundation raises and takes care of.

I went with my 7 year old nephew; and we both had a great time. We played with some of the monkeys, saw up close the lions and tigers and watched a feeding. One of the young tigers was playing with my nephew (the tiger was in his pen, of course) as they ran back and forth pacing each other. And he had a blast playing with 2 little pigs from New Zealand. There were other animals, and we ended with a session with a 6 month old tiger cub.

Our guide was Carolina, who was great. I have no doubt the other guides are very good, too. Everyone was very friendly and it was truly a personal service. No crowds, no lines, no ice cream cones on the ground to step over.

Visited December 2014

“One of the best days of my life.”

My husband and I visited 2 weeks ago and we still talk about it every day, debating which animal was our favorite. The camels! No, the anteater! No, the capuchin! No, the pigs!

Allie was an amazing tour guide. She loved the animals, and these well-treated animals obviously loved her. $80 can seem like a steep price, but this was worth every penny and more. I live in NY and would fly to Miami again, just to visit my new animal friends.

Visited December 2014