Red Ruffed Lemur


· These Lemurs are found in northeastern Madagascar

· They are the largest of the Lemuridae group

· Communicate with a series of 12 different vocalizations

· Lifespan in Captivity: 22-25 Years

· Lifespan in the Wild: 15-20 years


The red lemur has a total length of 84 to 101 centimeters (33 to 40 inches), including 41 to 51 centimeters (16 to 20 inches) of tail. Weight ranges from 2 to 3 kilograms (4 to 7 lbs.)

The short, dense fur is primarily brown or red. The face, muzzle and crown are dark grey or black with paler eyebrow patches, and the eyes are yellow.

Similar lemur species within their range include the mongoose lemur, in the west and the red-bellied lemur, in the east.

There is also some overlap with the black lemur in northeast Madagascar.

There is also overlap and hybridization with the white-fronted red lemur, in the northeast portion of the common red lemur’s range.


The common red lemur lives in western Madagascar north of the Betsiboka River and eastern Madagascar between the Mangoro River and Tsaratanana, as well as in inland Madagascar connecting the eastern and western ranges.

They also live on the island of Mayotte, although this population is believed to have been introduced there by man.


The common red lemur’s diet consists primarily of fruits, young leaves, and flowers.

In some locations it eats invertebrates, such as cicadas, spiders and millipedes.

It eats bark, sap, soil and red clay (see geophagy). It can tolerate greater levels of toxic compounds from plants than other prosimians can.


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