Capuchin Monkey


The capuchin monkey  is New World monkey that can be found in seven South American countries. Its range includes Peru, Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobago, Bolivia, Venezuela, Columbia, and Brazil.

The white-fronted capuchin has a large range covering seven countries. In Colombia, it is found from the northern to the southern parts of the Sierra de Santa Marta, from the eastern valley portion of the lower Cauca River to southern portions of Sucre to the west. It can also be found in an area that extends from the Magdalena River to an unknown portion of the Department of Tolima and many other areas of Colombia.


This monkey can live in many different forest habitats, depending on its location.

It can live in flooded forests, arid forests, and in forests growing over white sand.


All species of capuchin tend to have a rather similar diet in broad terms; they are omnivores, eating fruits and small invertebrates, small vertebrates and birds’ eggs, which they forage at all levels of the forest, frequently descending to the forest floor.

It is extremely good at manipulating objects, and spends a great deal of time examining dry leaves from which it collects invertebrates.


white faced capuchin