I want to share a unique experience with you that I experienced with my two children at a place called Zoological Wildlife Foundation.

Samuel and Ari adore animals and in this place they can see them, feed them and even touch some of them. It is a unique place where both adults and children can learn from their knowledgeable guides who are nature experts. We saw all types of animals, from an owl who stared at us with his yellowy eyes to very playful african lions.

For me this experience was like a live and direct biology class, they taught us the animals’ deepest secrets, their habits and customs. We held macaws and snakes, we fed a camel, and anteater, and even a bay anteater was part of the tour.

We learned:

Snakes are not warm or cold, their temperature depends on the temperature of their environment.” – (Samuel)
“Camels like carrots” – (Ari)
“Anteaters don’t have teeth” – (Andrea)
“The anteater has a very long tongue” – (Ari)

Zoological Wildlife Foundation is a private location y there are different types of tours starting from $80 and up depending on the experience you want to have, they also rent the location for events and birthdays so you have it on your radar.

The cost of the tour goes up depending on the quantity of animals you want to touch, the photos you want to take and there are additional restrictions on touching the animals.

I recommend you call to ask the necessary questions and reserve your customized tour according to your budget without disappointment.
If you are an animal lover and you have dreamed your whole life of holding a lion, this is a safe place where they teach you the guidelines that you must have for both your well-being and that of the animals that make up part of this big family.*

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