Toby & Angelica

Highly Intelligent Capuchin Monkeys

Toby and Angelica are highly intelligent, captive born capuchin monkeys. They are siblings, and are closely bonded. They have been trained as service animals to assist the handicapped in places such as hospitals and schools.

In the video Toby consoles Angelica after she has been put in time out for misbehaving. She was pulling a puppy’s leg. The video inadvertently went viral after it was posted on the ZWF Instagram account and picked by major media outlets such HLN, Univison and the Daily Mail.

The Zoological Wildlife Foundation (ZWF) is a wildlife organization in South Florida whose aim is to conserve and educate by offering hands-on interactions and public educational experiences with exotic animals.

ZWF was founded by Maria and Mario Tabraue. Maria and Mario are a Cuban-American couple that met and fell in love over their shared passion for animals, and decided to make it their life mission. ZWF sits on 5-acres of land just outside Miami, and is home to many exotic animals including but not limited to: Gibbons, Mangabeys, Toed Sloths, Lemurs, Coatimundi, Crocodiles, Giant Anteater, Dromedary Camels, Foxes, Wolfs, Tigers, Lions, Snow Leopards, and a Clouded Leopard.

They can all be seen on ZWF’s exclusive tours and some are available for hands-on private encounters.