Here are stories and news excerpts from our conservation programs


A new paper just out on spotted hyena density and survival confirms that Liuwa Plain is currently hyena heaven! The study on Liuwa’s dominant carnivore was led by DNPW Senior Ecologist and former Montana State University Graduate Student and ZCP Liuwa Project Founder and Manager Jassiel M’soka.

It intensively monitored 233 hyena in 5 clans and found very high survival across all sex and age classes and little influence of humans, lions, or other factors on the population.

This is likely due to abundant prey, a small and recovering lion population, and low levels of human conflict. How the hyena will respond to continued recovery of lions and the ecosystem in general is still under study, but for now it is a tribute to the successful and continued recovery of carnivores in Liuwa under African Parks and DNPW management.

Photo: Jassiel M’soka monitors one of his many hyena study subjects in Liuwa Plain (B. Nickerson).

Read the full study at:


World Environment Day CommemorationCCB education team attended and exhibited a stall at Mokolodi Nature Reserve, on the 6th of June 2016 to commemorate World Environment Day

The day was held at under the theme “Zero Tolerance for the Illegal wildlife Trade”, and presentations for the day were mainly focused on the theme.