Adopt Your Favorite Animal

Give them the best life possible!

Adopt an animal of your choice!
$2,500 for the initial fee and $500 a month for the maintenance.

This allows up to 50 visits with a guest with your adopted animal.. Please note that the animal that you have adopted does stay at ZWF Miami where it will continue to receive the best care possible.

Call us at 305-969-3696 or email us:

Do you have a favorite animal? Furry, hairy, scaly or feathered that makes you want to visit it? So why not adopt? When you become a sponsor your contribution is used for projects that support Zoological Wildlife Foundation. Such as building cages, purchasing needed supplies and acquisitions of other animals for our breeding program.

Anyone can adopt an animal- individual, families, businesses, social or service clubs and even sports teams. The best part of adopting an animal is that your contribution will help enhance it’s lifestyle. We are constantly changing and enhancing their enclosures, so they can have freedom to move and interact with each other. We do our best to give our animals the best life possible.

Aside from a staff of eight full time employees, we use the service of two veterinarians on a regular basis.


The charismatic Oliver was adopted by Mark Small.

Capuchin monkeys are the most intelligent of all the New World (Américas) primates.
Find out how you can adopt too by calling us at 305-969-3696!



Mbali was adopted by Cristine & Mike Downs!

Join them and become part of our ZWF Miami family!


Abu was adopted by Amber & Dwayne.

Thank you for becoming part of our ZWF Miami family!