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The Zoological Wildlife Foundation (ZWF) is a conservation organization that provides financial support to conservation initiatives. The ZWF contributes to efforts that have shown themselves to be solidly established and viable in the difficult world of endangered species conservation.

By putting conservation dollars into closely scrutinized, proven programs, ZWF ensures the greatest value for every dollar spent. The opportunity to save endangered species is what drives our mission at ZWF. But only with your financial help can we continue to preserve our planet’s wildlife.

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Maik Endler

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Machilo Spak
Rai Masuda
Kaherine Adamo
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Sandra Perkins

Sterling Shaw
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Carrie Horst
Tiana Henry
Batool Khamis
Nykole Cordero

Austin F. Okie
Mehrna A
Jane Nguyen
Katherine Adamo
Autumn Baker
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Jarrod Isoldi
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Edwin Brooks

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