Conserving the wild cheetah population of Botswana.




ZWF Supports Cheetah Conservation Botswana.

The Cheetah Conservation Botswana (CCB) project was formed in 2003 to address the threat to the nation’s cheetah population. The major challenge for the project, funded by grant aid and donor support, is one of improving community perceptions towards predators and ensuring that retaliatory killings do not continue to threaten cheetah numbers, while, at the same time, supporting and protecting rural community welfare.

The Plight of the Cheetah- Evolving over 4 million years ago and able to employ breathtaking acceleration to achieve speeds of around 70mph, the oldest of the African ‘big cats’ and the fastest land mammal on Earth is today engaged in a race against extinction.

The cheetahs distinctive physiology limits its ability to compete with healthy populations of more powerful predators in reserves and national parks. Cheetah numbers can be suppressed in these protected areas, but their otherwise successful occupation of marginal lands (with fewer competing predators) is now jeopardized by regular conflict with rural communities.

It is critically important to protect these populations!

Local communities are dependent on livestock farming. Cheetahs present a real danger to livelihoods by preying on livestock. Human-cheetah conflict leads to retaliatory killing of these endangered cats. The biggest obstacle to cheetah conservation is the longstanding cultural conflict between farmers and predators. One of the most successful alternatives to human-cheetah conflict has been to provide farmers with livestock guardian dogs to scare away cheetahs.

ZWF believes that creating educational and economic incentives to motivate local communities to see the value in protecting cheetahs is crucial to encourage conservation. In Botswana CCB is focusing on community outreach to schools and village decision makers in an effort to educate and provide alternatives to conflict killings of cheetahs. Your donations will enable you to join the ZWF Conservation Team in conserving the magnificent cheetah in Botswana.

Thank you for your support!