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Florida Petting Zoo

Do you have a question, need more information or a price quote? Contact us today with any question you may have. Please call in advance for our petting zoo tours.

Zoological Wildlife Foundation is the place to go if you love animals. This is because there is not only a wonderful zoo here, but also a great petting zoo where we let you interact and physically play with our animals.


In our petting zoo, located in South Florida, you get a chance to directly interact with our animals. The animals we own are very young and well trained, making it safe for you to interact with them. There are many farm-animals which you can get to see, cuddle and play with. Tiger and KidsSome of the animals which are most in demand like miniature donkeys, sheep, pigs, miniature horses, geese and turkeys.


The other animals you can see while visiting our exotic petting zoo are kinkajou, marmoset monkeys, wolf, owl, lizards, snakes, tarantulas, chameleons, porcupine, tiger cub, gibbon ape, scorpions and capuchin monkeys.


Not only can you come to our petting zoo, we are more than happy to help you organize a memorable petting zoo birthday party. We will help you organize your birthday party here, where all your guests will have an opportunity to interact with our animals. You can take photos with the animals here, cuddle them and just enjoy yourself to get the best birthday possible.


And if you need a location of a petting zoo for your show or movie, Zoological Wildlife foundation is more then ready to let you use our premises and animals for the shoot. As long as you abide our terms and conditions, we have no inhibitions in your making the exotic petting zoo rentals of Zoological Wildlife Foundation famous with its addition in your movie.


If you use our petting zoo for a birthday party or as a location for a shooting, we ensure that we will have our handlers on hand all the time, to look after all of the animals needs. It is our handlers who will guide you in taking pictures with our animals and in petting our animals so that you will go back home with memorable memories of your visit to Zoological Wildlife Foundation.


However, do contact us in advance of any birthday parties or movie shoots or other events. This is to ensure there is no clashing of appointments, so that you will be enjoy yourself to the maximum during your visit here. We promise you that our petting zoo will help create an ambience and environment you will not forget soon.

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