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Monkey rentals 

How do you create an unforgettable experience? Zoological Wildlife Foundation has the answer for adding excitement and intrigue to your event. Rent a monkey for turning an ordinary birthday party into an extraordinary experience your children and their friends will never forget. Help your students remember lessons about the primates that populate the world. What student will ever forget what a red ruffed lemur looks like, if they have actually stroked its fur or listened to it chatter? We even have literature for your students to learn even more.

ZWF covers every type of celebration and event you can dream of. Our professional handlers have years of experience and our incredible monkey rentals cover everything from weddings and birthday parties to corporate events and themed festivals. Our monkeys are even trained for television and film roles. They have had years of professional training for following basic commands and simple direction. You will be wishing your human actors behaved as well on cue as our monkeys!

ZWF has seven different primates to choose from ranging from the squirrel-size Tamarins with mustache-like facial hair to the tailless white-handed gibbon. We have a monkey rental that can fulfill any of your entertainment or professional needs complete with trainers. Any pirate themed party wouldn't be complete without a monkey rental to play the infamous Capuchin monkeys used in the Pirates of the Caribbean. We can dress our primates and our handlers to match your theme. 

Don't waste your time looking around for other monkey rentals. ZWFhas all the things you need. We can help you shoot the next big blockbuster, or assist in teaching your students about the wonders of the world. Rent a monkey from us, as we have trained monkeys for you with all the accessories for making it an unforgettable experience. Contact us today!

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