New Sibling Bengal Tiger Cubs at ZWF

(Harvey & Hailey)

By Maria & Mario Tabraue, Founders of ZWF Miami

Born earlier this fall, Harvey and Hailey are two Bengal tiger cubs that are almost two months old. Even though they’re young, they are already full of energy! A typical day for these two consists of playing tag with each other and until they tire out and then taking a long catnap.

These cubs are the offspring of Metridies, one of our most beautiful big cats. Their diet consists of mainly bottle-fed milk, but they will slowly be introduced to meat in the weeks to come.

There are only about 3,500 Bengal tigers left in the wild, so they are considered an endangered species. At ZWF, the health and care of our animals is our main concern. We are happy to provide Harvey and Hailey a sanctuary where they can grow and thrive.

Mario and Maria Tabraue, Founders of ZWF Miami

Throughout the hospital, colorful murals and artwork made by the children treated adorn the halls. The spirit of the children lives through each corner of the facility in which doctors, nurses, caretakers, families and visitors walk through each day. To brighten the day of the children receiving treatment, we donated over 200 ZWF-themed coloring books and crayons featuring some of the animals found at our property. 

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