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Special Event For University Of Miami!

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

We recently attended a wonderful event held by University of Miami, where we had the opportunity to have children meet Scarlett, our Capuchin Monkey, and her handler Andrea! It was an amazing opportunity to spread knowledge about our animals and foundation, all while giving the public the opportunity to interact with the animal that they are learning about! To learn more information about Zoological Wildlife Foundation and how you can get one of our animal ambassadors to your next event, contact us at (305) 969-3696. Below are a few photos, and a wonderful thank you letter we received!



Microsoft Word - Thank You Letter.docx



University of Miami – Mini Canes Camp with ZWF!

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

We recently had an animal presentation at the University of Miami for the Mini Canes Camp. Andrea and Chelsea were the ZWF staff members that did the presentation for the kids. They brought a total of 10 animals for the presentation. The kids enjoyed the presentation very much, as well as the director of the camp, he gave them very positive feedback too! Everyone enjoyed the presentation very much, and we cant wait to hopefully go back next year once again. If you are interested in having an animal presentation at your camp, school, or facility, then please visit our animal rentals page, or e-mail us for more information! To view more photos from this event then please visit our Gallery.

University of Miami “Mini Canes Camp” Presentation with ZWF!

Friday, August 5th, 2011

The Zoological Wildlife Foundation did a presentation at The University of Miami for the Mini Canes Camp. We took a variety of animals and let the kids interact with a few of our animals as well! Most of the animals we took to the presentation are Animal Actors! The Zoological Wildlife Foundation does many different types of events, if you are interested in having an event like this, then visit our programs page. To view more photos of this presentation then visit our Mini Canes Camp Gallery.