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Meet Bonnie & Clyde, Our Black & White Ruffed Lemurs!

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Everyone meet Bonnie & Clyde! Bonnie and Clyde are both Black and White Ruffed Lemurs. The Ruffed lemur is the largest of the true lemurs, measuring when full grown, four feet in length including the long tail of about two feet. The fur is long and soft, and the ears are hidden by a ruff of hair. The color pattern varies and may be different on the right and left sides of a specimen. Black and white ruffed lemurs live in groups of two to five individuals, thought to be an adult mated pair and their young. Greetings are very ceremonious involving reciprocal grooming. They mark their territory by screaming and by scent. They rub leaves, branches or fruit with their palms to leave a distinctive odor. During the day the Ruffed lemur sleeps in a hollow tree curled up into a ball. It is a nimble climber, most active at dusk and during the first part of the night, when it forages for fruit. It normally progresses by walking or running on larger branches, and leaps from tree to tree. The Ruffed lemur lives in eastern Madagascar. It is a forest species found in humid rain forests.

These little guys are settling quite nicely into their new home at ZWF! You can come visit them on a private tour here at our facility, just go to our tours page to find out more information on the packages we offer!


Monday, April 11th, 2011

Meet Javi & Penelope! Javi & Penelope are a few of our ANIMAL ACTORS! Javi & Penelope are Red Ruffed Lemurs. They love attention and love putting on a show for people. They are very friendly and love the camera! For more info on Red Ruffed Lemurs then visit our Red Ruffed Lemur info page OR for more photos of Javi & Penelope then visit Javi & Penelope’s Gallery.