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What Do Tarzan And Gibbons Have In Common?

Sunday, May 19th, 2013
They all like to swing and play on vines and trees! And that is just what we have given to our fun loving baby gibbons! The new play area was scientifically designed to help promote the wellbeing of our animals, as well as help stimulate them mentally and physically. The structure includes a couple of swings as well as a few natural vines and some playthings that are given to human babies to help encourage growth in education and intelligence for the baby apes and monkeys.
Everyone has seen how great apes are very intelligent and have the ability to use tools and some even have the ability to learn sign language as well as displaying proper functions for shape placement and color differences. But unfortunately, there is little known about the ability of gibbons and their ability to learn and use tools. For the most part, in the wild, they live high in the trees, and have proved to be very difficult to study. We are hoping that with the creation of the new room, we can get a little more incite of the behavioral patterns and learning capabilities of the types of baby primates that we possess here on site. You also can come and visit them, and watch them play and have fun in the new primate room with a private tour. You can sit with them and watch them play, as well as watch them come over to you and interact with you as well! For details check out our tour page. It is literally an experience of a lifetime! We hope to see you soon!