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Maria & Chelsea On “El Show De Fernando Hidalgo” With Yeti The Snow Leopard!

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Maria & Chelsea appeared once again on El Show De Fernando Hidalgo, only this time, they brought Yeti, the Snow Leopard! Yeti lives at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation with his buddy “Dante” who is also a Snow Leopard, which is the same age as Yeti. You can still have a chance to interact with these spectacular animals at our facility for a private interaction. Please contact us if you would like to make an appointment. You can view the video from Maria & Chelsea’s TV appearance with Yeti, Here.

Meet Our New Snow Leopards!

Monday, August 27th, 2012

We are proud to introduce our new new Snow Leopards to Zoological Wildlife Foundation! We have recently named them “Dante & Yeti”. These guys are really full of energy and definitely show their separate and very differently personalities. You can come visit these beautiful Snow Leopards here at our facility! We have different tour packages to offer, and a few of them include interaction with these guys! It is definitely an experience you will never forget! Please visit our Tours page for our packages, and to view more photos of Dante & Yeti, please visit our Gallery.

Princess Sahima!

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Sahima our white Tiger Cub is growing up very quickly! It seems as if just yesterday she was only opening her eyes. She already shows her own individual personality, and is very calm and sweet by nature. She loves to be interacted with, and plays with a young Bernese Mountain Dog during the day (she usually uses him as a large pillow to take her naps). She is truly a special creature. You can meet Sahima in person on one of our very private and special tours! Yes, that’s right, you can actually meet our baby tiger cub in person and spend some time with her! We love to see the happy and excited faces of people who have always dreamed to be in the presence of a tiger cub. It is a great pleasure to make the dreams of many people come true on one of our tours. If you would like more information on the tours we offer please visit our tours page, or e-mail us for more information as well.

Birthday Party Event 4/29/12 with Shanti the Tiger Cub!

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

The Zoological Wildlife Foundation was part of a very special birthday event. We brought along Shanti our Tiger Cub! The event was a great success, and Shanti definitely made this birthday event that much more memorable. If you would like to have a few of our animals at your next event, then please visit our animal rental page for more information on the services we offer. It is a wonderful thing to see the smile on peoples faces when they get to interact with wildlife.

I can see!

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Here is an updated photo on Sahima the tiger cub! Sahima is growing very quickly and now has her eyes fully open! She is already showing a bit of her own unique personality too! She gets tons of love and attention from all of us here at ZWF. We are so happy to see her growing, and as soon as she gets older, she will get to play with other cubs her size here. If you would like to visit Sahima on a private personal tour here then please visit our tours page! Keep checking back for more updated photos on how she is doing.

Titan our Tiger in The Christmas Spirit!

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

Titan was getting into the Christmas Spirit by putting on this Santa hat! Titan is a big sweetheart but as sweet as he may be he is still a Bengal Tiger! Titan can be seen at our facility on a private tour. To view the tour packages we have available then please check out our Tour Page. To view more photos of Titan than visit Titan’s Gallery!