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ZWF Visits Dr. Manuel Barreiro Elementary ECC.!

Thursday, February 13th, 2014


The Zoological Wildlife Foundation was recently at Dr. Manuel Barreiro Elementary ECC.! The students had the wonderful opportunity to learn about the animals that were brought along and were especially thrilled when they were also able to interact with the animals too! Some animals that made an appearance were a Blue and Gold Macaw, and White Faced Capuchin Monkey! ZWF provides unique animal presentations that involve interactive settings for students. To learn more about the educational programs that are offered, please visit the educational programs page. To view more photos from this event, please visit our gallery.

Outcome of Earth Day at Pinecrest Gardens! 4/15/12

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

We recently attended the “Earth Day Festival” at Pinecrest Gardens! The outcome was fantastic! We had live animal presentations, and we also had animal photo sessions! Everyone thought our animal shows were great, and we also had many people take photos with our many different animals after the show! Pinecrest gardens is a beautiful area, and the Earth Day Festival turned out very nice. Some animals we brought to the event were our capuchins, binturong, lemur, python, crocodile, tiger cub, gibbons, and a few more! To view more photos of the event then visit our Earth Day 4/15/12 Gallery.