Employee Of The Month – Jordan – 11/2014


Thumbs up Jordan and congrats!

You deserve the employee of the month award!

Your hard work did not go un-noticed.  All our guests keep praising how great of a guide you are – and we thank you!

Your knowledge and affinity with all the animals is very moving.

We are proud to have you with us! Keep up the good work and amazing spirit!

It’s great to have you part of our team!


Hi Crystal,

The party was a hit and my guests were extremely impressed with the location. They have asked me for pricing on rental but I’ve given them your number so they can call you guys directly. I’m sure you will get some business.

Once again thank you for everything and the staff was very helpful.

I plan on visiting again soon since my husband/ sons godmother didn’t go on the tour.

The small tiger was a great closing to our party.


Janet Leon

Employee Of The Month – Greg – 10/2014


Congratulation Greg on receiving the employee of the month award!

As an animal care taker & curator, you enrich so much the lives of all our animals friends at ZWF!

You are a real team player: Always putting the extra effort to help your fellow employees.

And thank you so much for the amazing video & photo footage you constantly provide us!

It’s great to have you part of our team!

Testimonial – Mujer Balance


Quiero compartirles una experiencia única que viví con mis dos hijos en un lugar  llamado Zoological Wildlife Foundation.

Samuel y Ari adoran los animales y en este lugar pudieron verlos, alimentarlos y hasta tocar algunos. Es un lugar diferente en el cual aprenden tanto grandes como pequeños pues sus guías son expertos conocedores de la naturaleza . Encontramos animales de todo tipo, desde un búho que nos miraba fijamente con sus ojos amarillentos hasta leones africanos muy juguetones.

Para mi esta experiencia fue como una clase de biología en vivo y en directo, nos enseñaron los mas íntimos secretos de los animales, sus hábitos y costumbres. Cargamos guacamayas, serpientes, alimentamos a un camello, a un oso hormiguero y hasta un osito bebe hizo parte del tour.

Aprendimos que:

  • “Las serpientes no son ni frías ni calientes, su temperatura depende de la temperatura del ambiente donde se encuentren” -  (Samuel)
  • “A los camellos les gustan las zanahorias “- (Ari)
  • “Los osos hormigueros no tienen dientes” – (Andrea)
  • “El oso hormiguero tiene una lengua muy larga” – (Ari)

Zoological Wildlife Foundation es un lugar privado y hay diferentes tipos de tours empezando desde $80 dólares y subiendo dependiendo de la experiencia que desees tener, también alquilan el lugar para eventos y cumpleaños para que lo tengas en el radar.

El costo del tour va subiendo acorde a la cantidad de animales que quieras tocar, a las fotos que desees tomar y adicionalmente hay  restricciones para tocar los animales.

Te recomiendo llamar para hacer todas las preguntas necesarias y reservar tu tour a tu medida con tu presupuesto y sin llevarte decepciones.

Si eres amante de los animales y has soñado con abrazar un león toda tu vida, este es un lugar seguro donde te enseñan las precauciones que debes tener por tu bien y el de los animales que hacen parte de esta gran familia.


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Welcome to Amara, our African wild cat. Servals are among the tallest cats and like most cats are nocturnal and solitary animal. Visit us to learn more about Amara and see her in action!

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Rash & Esha joined the ZWF family when they were 2 months old from an accredited ZAA zoo in Kansas.

Raj (king) & Esha (wish & desire) spend most of their time playing like house cats with toys and blankets! They sleep together, usually on their side or back.

During the day, they enjoy spending time with visitors and their handlers. After having played outside all day, they love refreshing and playing some more in the water.

They are very social and love company!

Raj & Esha are approximately 20 lb. They eat quality meat and special tiger formula.

We invite you to come meet Raj & Esha the way you’ve always wanted to:




Promoting coexistence with lions.

ZWF Supports the Niassa Carnivore Project

The mission of the Niassa Carnivore Project is to conserve lions, African wild dogs and other large carnivores in the vast Niassa National Reserve (NNR) in Mozambique.

Niassa works in close collaboration with the Mozambican government, the Reserve Management Authority and local communities. Niassa is known for it’s wildlife conservation efforts with lions and African wild dogs. Lions are in crisis throughout Africa. There are approximately 35,000 wild lions left in the world today; approximately 1200 in the NNR. The Reserve is also home to more than 350 African wild dogs, which combined with the Selous Game Reserve population connected by the Selous-Niassa Wildlife Corridor is the second largest wild dog population remaining in the world today.

There are only an estimated 8000 African wild dogs remaining in Africa today.

It is critically important to protect these populations!

The biggest threat to these magnificent carnivores is human-wildlife conflict. When lion or dogs prey on livestock it invites retaliation from farmers in local communities. In the spirit of using these natural conflicts as an opportunity for education and change to protect these threatened species, Niassa’s focus is on “conflict transformation.” They incrementally transform the perception of local communities by providing advanced schooling, mentoring and scholarships to train young Mozambicans to become Conservation Biologists.

ZWF believes that creating educational and economic incentives to overcome human-carnivore conflict in local communities is the only way to instill the kind of value necessary to encourage conservation. Your donations will enable you to join the ZWF Conservation Team in Protecting Lions, Wild Dogs and other carnivores in Mozambique.

Thank you for your support!