Employee Of The Month!


We would like to congratulate Ally on receiving the employee of the month award! Your hard work does not go unnoticed here, and we would like to thank you for being an outstanding tour guide and amazing caretaker to the animals!

Daily Tours


One of our instagram contest winners recently visited us and had the experience of a lifetime! The tour guest is shown in the photo above with our beautiful Macaw, Emily! Be sure to follow us on instagram @zwfmiami, @mariazwfmiami and all of our other social media sites to keep track of our contests, promotions, and adorable animal photos! Thanks to our visitors, we are able to provide an amazing life and excellent care to the animals at our foundation!

Live Events!


ZWF On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon!
Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 5.05.16 PM

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Did you catch Zoological Wildlife Foundation on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? Marcel the Capuchin Monkey, and Himesh our White Tiger Cub, can be seen in the video clip with some new friends they made including actress Rosario Dawson! To view the full clip, you can click here – ZWF ON THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JIMMY FALLON

Dreams Come True At ZWF!

deb and tiger

Dreams do come true at ZWF! Debbie’s dream was to one day hold and cuddle a Tiger Cub in her arms, and her experience at ZWF gave her the opportunity to do that and more! Debbie visited us in early June and was able to meet some of our animal ambassadors, one of them being Himesh, our baby Tiger Cub. In the photo shown above, you can see just how much Debbie truly enjoyed her experience here! Thank you for visiting us and we hope you may keep us in mind for a future visit!


-Zoological Wildlife Foundation Staff

Daily Tours


A few tour guests had the rare opportunity to meet Judy the Elephant during their visit to ZWF Miami. The magnificent Judy, and a few of our guests are pictured above, posing during their private Elephant Encounter at Zoological Wildlife Foundation in June. We had Judy visit us for a short period of time as a meet and greet for our guests and to learn some amazing information about her! Did you know? The Asian Elephant is considered endangered on the Red List. Its population is believed to be on a downward trend. It is important that we continue to educate our youth on the important role animals play on earth and how their preservation and existence is crucial to us.

Daily Tours

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 5.52.19 PM

We had the pleasure of recently providing a private day of animal fun for Scottie Pippen, Larsa Pippen, and family! Thank you again for visiting our foundation! We appreciate your visit as it had assisted us to further maintain the facility and provide excellent care to our animal ambassadors! We hope to see you visit us again!

- Zoological Wildlife Foundation Staff

Daily Tours


Zoological Wildlife Foundation has won the Certificate of Excellence Award from Trip Advisor for 2014! A big thank you to all of our visitors who have taken the time to review our facility! We couldn’t have won this certificate with out you. We would also like to thank everyone who has previously visited our facility as your visit has aided in the upkeep of our animals and maintenance of our grounds. With your continued support we are able to provide the best care and make sure our animals live the best lives possible at Zoological Wildlife Foundation.

Live Events!


Carolina and Margaux the Capuchin Monkey, made a very special surprise visit! Below is an email that we received following the visit:

“Yesterday we celebrated my mother’s 90th birthday with a surprise visit with one of your Capuchin monkeys. She was elated!  “Margot” came with Carolina and were a huge success. It was a dream come true for my mother.  I am sending you a picture of her so you can see the joy in her face.  We were so please with professional your organization is. We loved how caring and playful Carolina was. Just wanted to let you know how thoroughly satisfied we are!”
-Vivian K.


Thank you Vivian for having our staff and animal ambassador visit you, we are glad you enjoyed their company and hope to see you again!


Behind The Scenes


In the photo above, Andrea was about to bathe Sabrina the Snow Leopard! Miami afternoons tend to get a bit hot, so our handlers like to make sure each of our animals are comfortable in this heat, most domestic cat owners dread the thought of giving their beloved feline a bath, however, bathing Sabrina was quite a simple task as she enjoyed the water running down her fur and even decided to play in the water afterwards! Our Snow Leopards live in a special enclosure which also has a ventilated area and fan so they constantly stay cool! Our handlers are constantly providing care and attention to all the animals at ZWF as this is something they are all truly passionate about.

Daily Tours


We recently had visitors from the Diagnostic Center For Women, at our facility. Cuddling with a baby Tiger Cub, getting licked by a sweet Tamandua, howling with a baby Wolf, were just some of the activities they experienced on their visit! Our foundation is home to some special animals and knowledgeable staff. We open our doors to you and invite you to take a tour and learn about our amazing animal ambassadors while meeting them up close!